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Breakthrough With NLP

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26 July 2018 (Thursday), 8PM @Medan Klang Lama 28, Kuala Lumpur

Clarity | Change | Momentum

Discover how you can create a breakthrough for your Career/Sales by using 3 simple steps to multiply your income by 50-100% in less than 6 months

Revealing The Top 3 Secrets To Get Maximum Sales Guaranteed

Let’s face it, salesmanship is a highly competitive profession and people are always looking for something that gives their sales that competitive edge over the rest. This is where NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) comes in.

In This 2-Hour Workshop, You Will Learn How To

Discover and get rid of self-limiting beliefs that prevent you from taking action

Boost self-esteem and confidence

Have your career gain momentum

Gain clarity in what you want and how to get it

Change yourself for the better

Generate positive habits that directly lead to positive results and momentum

4 Unique NLP Training Techniques To Selling Mastery


How to make arresting and eye-catching presentations; as well as how to present your product in the absolutely best light, showing off what it can do and how it will benefit the client.

Simulated Role Play

Where you will pretend to sell a product to a customer as well as perform tasks that will help you better understand yourself.

Experience Sharing

Where the speaker will share his experiences in the world of business and how he overcame the challenges he faced.

Lateral training exercises

Where you will learn to think outside the box and find innovative answers to challenging questions.

What Is NLP?

NLP explores the Power of the Conscious and Unconscious Mind to exponentially and dramatically change your sales conversions in a big way. It consists of many different processes and techniques that allow you to read your customers better and make you more responsive to them.

Through NLP training you will be able to tell when a prospect is happy, irritated, intrigued, excited and more. It will also help you influence your prospective client into buying your product.

Anyone can learn these skills; all you need is an open mind and determination.

Whom This Is For?

Sales Executive/ Consultant
  • The key points of contact who drive sales forward.
  • Those who explain and introduce the product/service to customers.
Sales Manager
  • Those who make sure the team is running efficiently
  • Those who are responsible for maintaining a team’s morale.
  • The innovators who push things forward.
  • Those who bring new ideas to the market.
WHOEVER hungers to multiply their wealth 50-100%
  • Anyone who feels like they are in a rut and is disappointed with their current income level
  • Anyone who is frustrated with fluctuating and inconsistent commission and income

About Me

#1 Breakthrough Coach | TEDx Speaker | Certified NLP Trainer/Master Coach

  • Trained more than 80,000 individuals from more than 100 corporations across 15 cities
  • Esteemed partners include Fortune 500 corporations and public listed corporations such as Shell, PETRONAS, Samsung, Padini, Top Glove, Google Malaysia and Royal Bank of Canada

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I would really want to thank you for the inspiring training. It has really changed the way I think about myself and I do believe in myself so much more now. I felt grateful to learn from you. I hope you can continue doing what you are doing now to help others who were like me.
Diza Shahira


This has been a great training, completely different from others that I have ever attended. Greatly impacted personally and I think everyone should attend this training. I got rid of my phobia and resolved my past conflicts. I now believe that I can really be better and positive to take action!
Willy Sikui


Wesley was one of the finest speakers we have ever had the pleasure of inviting to speak at the conference, with his speech receiving the highest positive feedback from the delegates. He combines a powerful message with humor the audience loves and manages to both educate and entertain.
Yasser Nazir

Curator, TEDxUTP 2015

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26 July 2018 (Thursday) | 8PM








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